Development updates

The Jewish Arts Quarter Project is underway to support the vision and activation of Elsternwick as a cultural destination.

Project Timeline

With many milestones met and more to come, progress on the project to date is outlined below.

Completed Project Milestones

  • Vision

  • Concept and values

  • Design

  • Financial integrity

  • Neighbourhood connection

  • Heritage assessments

  • Community participation

  • Council planning considerations

Ministerial Intervention

The Jewish Arts Quarter application was considered to raise several major issues of planning policy. These issues included strengthening and diversifying the economy, attracting investment and creating jobs. It was also considered that the JAQ would result in a new cultural/community space with good access to transport and services, while balancing high-quality design, heritage and amenity outcomes in a Major Activity Centre. As such, the Planning Minister, Hon. Richard Wynne MP ‘called in’ the decision from VCAT, recognising that the JAQ is a project of state significance.

Priority Projects Standing Advisory Committee

The Minister for Planning appointed the Priority Projects Standing Advisory Committee (Committee) under section 151 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

On 23 July 2021, the Priority Projects SAC submitted its report to the Minister with a recommendation that a planning permit be issued. The Minister accepted the findings of the Priority Projects SAC and, on 15 August 2021, recommended to the Governor in Council that a permit be granted.

Shovel Ready

Contract Implementation and Construction Timeline

  • Early works package

  • Tender building works

  • Design street works

  • Consult with State and Federal Ministers

  • Consult with philanthropic stakeholders

  • Temporary relocation of Kadimah

  • Conservation of Duldig artwork

  • Documentation of Museum fitout

  • Builders lead time and contract signing

  • Constuction works commence

2 Year Completion