A place for everyone

The Jewish Arts Quarter is committed to the people and communities around our neighbourhood, across Melbourne and throughout our state. Delivering diverse benefits is essential to our foundation, development and ongoing operation.

In One Voice Festival

Daniel Goldberg

Sharing Jewish Life

  • Sharing Jewish life is at the core of our development - across ages and from varied cultural backgrounds,  JAQ is built for everyone.

  • Our facilities and activities will be valued by locals and visitors while contributing greater vibrancy to the surrounding retail environment.

Kehilat Kolenu


A Diverse Community

  • Jewish culture in Australia is a celebration of diversity in our cultural capital – Melbourne.  JAQ will provide an opportunity to share Jewish culture by celebrating the long Jewish history within Melbourne and Australia.

  • Sharing multiculturalism creates community integration – providing opportunities to develop social cohesion, respect and understanding.

In One Voice Festival

Daniel Goldberg

Economic Stimulation

  • Connecting  JAQ with the broader Elsternwick Cultural Precinct provides an opportunity for economic uplift and revitalisation throughout the area.

  • New jobs, visitors and activities will create vital economic stimulation.

  • JAQ is an opportunity to contribute something remarkable to both the arts and the economy and contribute to the positive future of Elsternwick, Melbourne and our state.

Deborah Conway and Willy Zygier, Kadimah

Jeff Busby

A platform for Events

  • Selwyn Street will be home to a new pedestrian-oriented piazza where numerous cultural events will be held.  

  • Street festivals are already conducted in Elsternwick and will become soundly based in Selwyn Street with greater opportunity for markets, stalls, street theatre and the foods and wines of the Jewish life.

  • Selwyn Street will have great meeting places and excellent programming – creating a relaxing oasis at the heart of the Elsternwick Cultural Precinct.

  • With exciting performances, engaging lectures and cultural events, the new 300-seat auditorium in 7 Selwyn Street provides a cultural attraction for everyone. The state-of-the-art facilities allow the auditorium to host a wide range of engagements by providing a flexible and dynamic space.

Celebrations during Sukhot

JMA Collection


  • Organisations in the Elsternwick Cultural Precinct create an experience for learning with over 25,000 school children visiting the Jewish Holocaust Centre and the Jewish Museum of Australia each year.

  • Kadimah has over 110 years of history and the Elsternwick Cultural Precinct will be a lead partner in its role in the celebration of the Yiddish language and performing arts while providing a venue for community gathering and celebration.

  • The Jewish Museum of Australia has an established programme of temporary exhibitions for artists and archival collections for people such as Sir John Monash, Andy Warhol and Mirka Moira.

  • Sholem Aleichem College, a proven provider of learning for primary years of schooling, is based on language and culture.

Karl Duldig

Sun Appearing through Dark Clouds 1972

Karl Duldig Heritage Windows

  • The collection of artworks designed by Karl Duldig for the Kadimah Jewish Cultural Centre and National Library will be incorporated throughout our dynamic cultural centre.

  • The artworks reflect the purpose of the building through references to Jewish culture, tradition and history, and interpret the ideas represented by the Hebrew word ‘Kadimah’, meaning ‘Forward’ or ‘Eastward’.

  • Six memorial windows commemorate the six million Jewish people who lost their lives as victims of Nazi persecution while other motifs express hope for the future – juxtaposing the past appropriately while expressing positive new beginnings.

Artist Impression – Jewish Holocaust Centre

Kerstin Thompson Architects

Adjacent to the New Jewish Holocaust Centre

  • The Jewish Holocaust Centre plays a significant role in immersing visitors in the profound events of the Holocaust whilst educating the public to combat antisemitism, racism and prejudice in the community.

  • The Jewish Holocaust Centre and the JAQ are both located on Selwyn Street, providing visitors with access to two important museums for exploration, education and excursions.

In One Voice Festival

Daniel Goldberg

Community Access

  • JAQ is firmly committed to engaging and collaborating with diverse communities from Melbourne and beyond so that they make the cultural centre their own. Creating dialogue and building relationships are important aspects to develop a community destination with facilities and programming open to everyone.

In One Voice Festival

Peter Haskin Photography

Food, Fun & Destination Dining

  • Food is an important part of Jewish culture, and  JAQ will be home to a range of Jewish and non-Jewish food experiences. From destination dining to al fresco meeting spaces, people will find inclusive opportunities for dining in this new and diverse cultural precinct.