We’ve collected the most common questions about the project, but feel free to contact us with any further enquiries.

Q1. Who is JAQ?

  • Three guiding organisations defined and developed the JAQ concept. The Jewish Museum of Australia: Gandel Centre of Judaica, Kadimah Jewish Cultural Centre and National Library and Sholem Aleichem College have collaborated to lay the initial foundation for the Jewish Arts Quarter.
  • Along with the three guiding organisations, partners and supporters and  have contributed to the creation and development of the Jewish Arts Quarter. Thank you to the Victorian State Government, Gandel Foundation, and Glen Eira City Council (Supporters).

Q2. Is JAQ consistent with the Strategic Plan for the City of Glen Eira?

  • Yes. The project was supported by Council Officers in keeping with their vision for the Elsternwick Cultural Precinct and a determination provided by Council to support the construction of the JAQ providing significance to not just the City of Glen Eira but the entire State of Victoria.

Q3. Do you have a planning permit?

  • Yes. The Hon. Minister Wynne MP accepted the findings of the Priority Projects Standard Advisory Committee and, on 15 August 2021, recommended to the Governor in Council that a permit be granted. 

Q4. How many jobs will JAQ create?

  • The project is expected to generate $65 million in investment during construction and create 210 construction jobs and 31 ongoing jobs.

Q5. Why is JAQ of State Significance?

  • JAQ was fast-tracked on the recommendation of the Government’s Development Facilitation Program to stimulate Victoria’s economy. 
  • JAQ will deliver on Council’s intent for Selwyn Street to become a cultural precinct of State significance
  • Glen Eira is home to Victoria’s largest Jewish community – this community is a significant contributor to the culture, economy and character of the municipality.
  • The Subject Land is located within a strategic redevelopment site that seeks to enhance the local cultural offering. This part of Glen Eira is the heart of Victoria’s Jewish culture and this site is recognised as an appropriate location for a new cultural hub.

Q6. Why is JAQ important to the Jewish community?

  • Jewish Culture in Australia is important and worthy of the diversity that is celebrated in our cultural capital – Melbourne. The delivery of JAQ will celebrate Jewish culture for all of south-eastern Australia and promote multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion within Victoria.
  • JAQ brings tradition and heritage to life through active programming that celebrates Jewish identity.
  • Elsternwick and the wider Glen Eira LGA are prominent areas of Jewish affiliation with 18% of the Elsternwick population confirming Jewish affiliation, compared to less than 1% of greater Melbourne. 
  • JAQ will futureproof the presence of Jewish culture in the community as the home of the Jewish Museum of Australia, the Kadimah and our neighbours the Holocaust Centre. This will foster growth of Jewish culture in the wider community as the JAQ will create an all-inclusive welcoming hub for greater Melbourne. 
  • JAQ will create evocative spaces designed to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Q7. Will the JAQ attract international visitors?

  • The international significance of JAQ will assist in attracting visitors from interstate and overseas to Melbourne, and to Elsternwick, as the home of the Jewish Community.

Q8. Who designed the JAQ7 building?

  • Fender Katsilidis Architects. One of the best firms in the country with a strong track record in designing arts and cultural spaces. Some of their stand out projects include MONA in Hobart, Eureka, and 108 Collins. JAQ will be a striking and admired building that is a beacon for culture in the City of Glen Eira, attracting people from the many diverse parts of our nation. 
  • The JAQ7 design is a vertical footprint to accommodate the available allotment of land. 

Q9. Why is JAQ appealing to the wider community?

  • JAQ provides an opportunity to create a distinct cultural destination which will provide an opportunity for the wider community to come together to learn about and celebrate Jewish Culture.
  • JAQ will allow for greater education programs relating to Jewish history, creating a better appreciation for culture, cuisine, and arts. 
  • JAQ will provide an opportunity to share the Jewish culture with the broader Victorian community - a celebration of the long Jewish history within Australia. 
  • The sharing of cultural practices and promotion of multiculturalism is critical at this time in which community integration is integral to society and in the face of the current uncertainties, it will generate social cohesion, respect and understanding. 

Q10. Is the JAQ project shovel ready?

  • Yes! JAQ was considered by Invest Victoria as a part of the Planning Minister’s approval process.  Invest Victoria found that the project was considered ‘shovel ready’ once the relevant approvals had been achieved.

Q11: Will there be car parking in the centre?

  • Not on site. As the Glen Eira City Council adopted the Elsternwick Cultural Precinct Plan to pedestrianise part of Selwyn Street, it would not support this vision or be feasible to include car parking on-site.
  • There are a number of nearby car parking options and a range of sustainable transport initiatives available.  The precinct is well connected to public transport with new cycling and walking upgrades planned as part of Glen Eira City Council’s Integrated Transport Strategy. A Green Travel Plan will reduce the number of private car trips to the precinct, reducing congestion and encouraging sustainable, active transport alternatives. 

Q12. When will JAQ be built?

  • As soon as our funding commitments are secured, we will commence development which will be approximately a two year build. 

Q13. Who will occupy the building?

  • The Jewish Museum of Australia: Gandel Centre of Judaica
  • The Kadimah Jewish Cultural Centre and National Library 
  • Many organisations will work from the  Community Hub, which will provide organisations and individuals a welcoming space to meet and collaborate with access to facilities and resources.

Q14. What will the public be able to enjoy at the JAQ7 Culture Centre?

  • A slice of Jewish life in a warm and welcoming environment.
  • Home of the Jewish Museum of Australia: Gandel Centre of Judaica, and the revitalised home of the Kadimah Jewish Cultural Centre and National Library. 
  • Jewish arts and culture with great museum experiences, art, theatre, education, learning, music, food, shopping and new public spaces. 
  • Exhibitions and interactive experiences that recount the stories of Jewish people and culture, with a focus on the Australian community, reflecting a history of tolerance and acceptance.
  • Exhibition spaces for special projects and community experiences.
  • New library facilities to highlight the extensive collection of Australia’s most significant library of Yiddish materials at the Kadimah. 
  • Performing arts space for lectures and performances.
  • Collaborative community spaces for lifelong learning activities, including school groups, adult education classes and other public programs.
  • A retail shop offering exclusive Museum-branded merchandise, contemporary Judaica, books and other bespoke items.
  • A range of contemporary Jewish food offerings.
  • Engaging programming including lectures, workshops, kids’ and family programs, performances and other cultural events with opportunities for interaction between visitors, artists, designers and makers.
  • Event and meeting spaces available for hire for private or community events.
  • Will be a key part of the Elsternwick Cultural Precinct. JAQ in Selwyn Street will be home to a new pedestrian-oriented piazza where numerous cultural events will be held. These public meeting places offering cultural and retail activity will create a relaxing oasis in the heart of a revitalised Elsternwick. 

Q15. Is the JAQ project funded?

  • We are actively working to secure bipartisan funding at State and Federal levels as well as philanthropic support
  • The Victorian Government’s total commitment to the project is $7 million to date, and we are grateful for their generosity over 3 different grants.

Q17. How can I get involved?

  • We’re always eager to be in touch with members of our community and anyone interested in the future of JAQ. Community and connection are at the heart of what we do. Community consultation is an important part of the development of JAQ – engaging through a variety of ways, including in-person and digital. 
  • Get in touch with JAQ by emailing - contact@jaq.melbourne and someone from our team will get back to you ASAP to better understand your needs and how you can get involved. 

Q18. What is the connection with the Melbourne Holocaust Museum?

  • The new Melbourne Holocaust Museum is a key part of the Elsternwick Cultural Precinct (ECP) and a neighbour to JAQ7. The ECP includes a cohort of organisations that will each play an important role within the Quarter – inviting local residents and visitors from Jewish and non-Jewish Communities across Australia, and the world, to engage with arts, culture and storytelling.
  • There is immense value in having two world class museums side by side, reflecting the Jewish experience and fostering respect, tolerance and understanding across generations and communities.